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Tom MacDonald Net Worth | Last Update 2022

Tom MacDonald Net Worth 2022
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Tom MacDonald is a Canadian social media personality and rapper. Tom MacDonald Net Worth is $600 thousand. McDonald’s has more than 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Tom MacDonald is a well-known Canadian rapper. A significant number of them are followed on various platforms of social media. Tom McDonald is the most popular social media personality whose real name is Thomas MacDonald.

Do you know all about Tom McDonald? What is an approximate idea about Tom MacDonald net worth? In this article, we are going to solve all your dilemmas about Tom.

Who is Tom MacDonald?

Tom MacDonald Net Worth 2022

Tom McDonald is the most popular social media personality whose real name is Thomas MacDonald. He is best known for his single ‘Hellovit’. Which he published in 2018 after posting his first YouTube video. McDonald’s has more than 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Her job is to sing, write songs, and create YouTube videos. Also referred to as the Canadian rapper. Tom McDonald’s is a rapper and media presence.

Tom MacDonald Net Worth $800 Thousand
Age 32 years
Born 1988, 21 September
Country Canada
Source of Wealth Professional
Last Update 2022

He was born on September 21, 1988, in Canada. She has about 300,000 followers on Instagram and millions of subscribers to her YouTube channel. Tom’s first song, “Whiteboy,” made him popular with audiences.

What is Tom MacDonald Net Worth?

Tom MacDonald Net Worth
Tom MacDonald Net Worth

How many of Tom’s fans do not know his total income? It is quite difficult to calculate as a dollar amount over its total value. As of 2022, estimates range from $ 500,000 to about $ 2 million.

She has made the most of her music career. He has invested most of his money in property. He has more than half a million YouTube subscribers and more than 100,000 Instagram followers.

In 2022, Tom MacDonald Net Worth amount to about $ 100 thousand.

Here’s an overview and rough estimate of Tom MacDonald’s annual, monthly, weekly, daily, and hourly earnings. Please note that all the money he earns is taxable. He is subject to the highest tax bracket.

Yearly Income $ 3 million
Monthly Income $ 250,000
Weekly Income $ 56,000
Daily Income $ 8,200
Hourly Income $340

Earlier Life of Tom MacDonaldTom MacDonald Net Worth 2022

Tom MacDonald was born on September 21, 1967, in Canada. He had been interested in rapping since he was a child. When he became a hip-hop artist, he gained a lot of attention for his rap songs.

Tom began his schooling in Vancouver. He later became a professional wrestler while still in high school. He continued his wrestling career with Real Canadian Wrestling (RCW) from 2004 to 2009. Since then he has been nominated for his music practice.


He started rapping in 2009. McDonald began his musical rap career by writing songs for other musicians. When he started singing rap songs, he went on various tours and gave concerts which made him a lot of money.

He also initially served as a supporter of Major Ledger, Mad Child, and Swollen Members. In May 2009, she created her own YouTube channel, Tom MacDonald. In May 2014, he posted his first music video, “Wannabe.”

Her first solo album, LeeAnn’s Son, was released in 2014, the following month. And his most recently released album is called Ghostories. Much of his music has been controversially discussed. Because he addresses issues such as drug abuse, sexuality, and superstition in his music.

List of Tom MacDonald’s musical albums

He has gifted many kinds of music to his fans in his life. Some of his albums are named below:

  • LeeAnn’s Son in 2014
  • See You Tomorrow in 2015
  • Dream People and the Whiskey Wars in 2015
  • Deathreats in 2018
  • Ghostories in 2019
  • Gravestones in 2020

Mixtapes & Songs

  • Macbeth in 2015#
  • Therapy in 2017
  • Flowers for the Dead in 2020

Favorite Quotes by TomMacDonald

“See that’s the thing: the whole thing is that I don’t know a whole lot about guitars so, it was a lot of talking to the sales associate and calling her dad and figuring out sorta like what was the best, what was the right move, etc.”

“I’m praying that the world changes soon Can’t get a doodle on a plane, but there’s Uzis in our schools.”


Tom MacDonald is considered one of the most controversial rappers in today’s hip-hop industry. People who are familiar with his work know that he is more than just a dreamer hip-hop artist. This is what his fans also come to.

As of 2022, Tom MacDonald Net Worth amounts to about $ 800 thousand.

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