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Todd Chrisley Net Worth – Bio, Age, Height, Affair, Married, Wife, Career

Todd Chrisley Net Worth
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Todd Chrisley is a Real Estate Tycoon, Reality TV star, and one who is best known for Crisley. Todd Chrisley net worth is $ 5 million. Todd claims that he and his family spend several thousand dollars a year on their clothing alone.

Todd Chrisley is a well-known TV star and a famous businessman. Todd’s reputation has grown exponentially since 2014. When he started appearing on his show on TV. He has also appeared in several TV series. Which has contributed significantly to its growing reputation.

Todd Chrisley Net Worth $5 Million
Birth Date April 6, 1969
Birth Place Georgia, USA
Source of Wealth Professional
Last Update 2022

What Is Todd Chrisley Net Worth?Todd Chrisley Net Worth

It’s natural to see Todd Chrisley and his family living a luxurious life on Chrisley Knows Best, which raises the question of who is the highest-earning star. Now, as of March 2022, Todd Chrisley net worth is – 5 million.

Also, a big source of his income comes from TV shows. Her famous show, Crisley gets a lot of money from Nose Best. The family has struggled financially in the past.

But so far we do not think he has given up his luxurious life. In 2012, he faced bankruptcy. His net worth at the time of his bankruptcy was $ 4.2 million. He also owned $55 in a bank account and $ 100 million in cash.

According to Forbes, the father of reality TV claimed that he had $ 4.2 million in assets and a debt of about $ 50 million. Todd Chrisley Net Worth lists his Atlanta mansion for 2.4 million. Finally, we can say that Todd Chrisley net worth is $ 5 million dollars.

Earlier Life

Todd Chrisley Net Worth
Todd Chrisley Net Worth

Todd Chrisley was born on April 6, 1969, in Georgia, USA. He grew up in Westminster, South Carolina. He is very fortunate that Todd Crisley is the ancestor of the rich Crisley family.

He married and moved with his family to Atlanta, Georgia. He has lived there ever since. Her family and she are living a very luxurious life, including owning a 30,000-square-foot mansion. She grew up with her two siblings, Derrick Crisley and Randy Chrisley.

CareerTodd Chrisley Net Worth 2022

Todd Chrisley first appeared on a reality show called Crisley Nose Best on TV. The series features his entire family, including his wife Julie Crisley and all their children. It can be called a family TV series.

As well as his role in the series, he is also its producer. He is the head of this great family in the series. This career got him to the hottest American discussion in 1997.

According to court documents, Todd Crisley is in Crisley Asset Management and the owner of a firm. He has struggled for several years. He regularly spends 300,000 per year on his foot mansion and clothing.

Crosley has invested 95% of his assets in real estate. Todd is known to be in control and has strict rules for raising his children. They have tracking devices ranging from the internet to vehicles.

Personal Life and Wife

Todd Chrisley Net Worth

He married Teresa Terry in 1997. They had two children, Lindsay and Kyle. He divorced Teresa the same year. He married Julie Hughes, the former beauty pageant queen. Later she had three children.

Why was Todd Chrisley arrested?

Todd Chrisley has a total of five children, Lindsay Crisley Campbell, Grayson Crisley, Chase Crisley, Kyle Crisley, and Savannah Chrisley. The couple has been married for over two decades. His first marriage ended after he filed a lawsuit against his first wife, Teresa Terry Todd Crisley, alleging physical and emotional abuse.

He claimed bankruptcy in 2014. He also said he still owes 70,000. However, he has not yet responded to that allegation On August 14, 2019, Todd and Julie were arrested on multiple counts in Chrysalisatlanta.

Many do not know exactly why he was arrested and what charges he was arrested for. The couple operated a scheme to smuggle millions of dollars into bank loans by providing fraudulent information. They then allegedly evaded federal tax bills.


We know Todd Chrisley is a prominent businessman. But for some reason, he lost all his possessions and went bankrupt. Then he continued his life’s struggle and succeeded. Let’s hope his consent will be more in the future.

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