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Timthetatman Net Worth 2023

Timthetatman Net Worth 2023

Timthetatman Net Worth: TimTheTatman is a well-known YouTuber, gamer, and streamer on Twitch. TimTheTatman is a famous streamer. He is best known for streaming Ninja, CouRage, DrLupo, Nick Mercs, and BasicallyIDoWrk.

TimTheTatman is one of Twitch’s most popular regular streamers and one of the most popular and wealthy American YouTubers. As of 2022 Timthetatman Net Worth is $ 10 million.

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Timthetatman Net Worth 2023

Net Worth: $12 Million
Name: TimTheTatman
Salary: $1 Million +
Monthly Income: $1,00,000 +
Date of Birth: April 8, 1990
Age: 33 Yrs
Height: 1.83m. (6′ 0″)
Weight: 78 kg or 171 Ibs
Profession: American internet personality
Nationality: American


Last 5 Years Net Worth Of Timthetatman

Net Worth in 2023 $12 million
Net Worth in 2022 $11 million
Net Worth in 2021 $10 million
Net Worth in 2020 $9 million
Net Worth in 2019 $8 million


TimTheTatman Biography: From Gaming Enthusiast to Twitch Superstar

Timothy John Betar, better known as TimTheTatman, has left an indelible mark on the world of gaming and live streaming. Born on April 8, 1990, in the United States, TimTheTatman’s journey from a passionate gaming enthusiast to a Twitch superstar is nothing short of remarkable.

In his early years, TimTheTatman’s love for video games was evident. He found solace and excitement in the virtual worlds of Call of Duty, where his gaming skills started to blossom. As his gameplay improved, he decided to share his experiences and adventures with the world. In 2012, he took the leap and began his streaming career on Twitch.

TimTheTatman quickly gained attention for his engaging personality and infectious humor. His streams, primarily centered around popular titles like Call of Duty, began attracting a devoted following. As his popularity soared, he diversified his content, exploring games like Fortnite, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. Each gaming session became a captivating event, filled with laughter, adrenaline-pumping moments, and genuine interactions with his viewers.

What sets TimTheTatman apart is his unwavering positivity and authenticity. He radiates a sense of joy that transcends the screen, making every viewer feel like a part of his community. With his iconic “Tatmanarmy” rallying behind him, TimTheTatman’s fanbase grew exponentially, transforming him into one of Twitch’s most recognizable and beloved figures.

As he continued to conquer the gaming world, TimTheTatman collaborated with fellow streamers and gamers, further elevating his status in the gaming community. His entertaining crossovers and joint streams brought joy to millions of fans, solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the streaming realm.

How Much is Timthetatman’s Net Worth?

As of 2023 TimTheTatman’s Net worth is $ 12 million. He currently has over 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. At present, by 2023, there have been more than 950 million views.

His YouTube channel receives an average of around 500,000 views per day. He earns an estimated 4,000 ($ 1.4 million a year) every year from ads featured in the channel’s videos.

TimTheTatman’s platform has over 7 million followers. He streams every day and is able to average 35,000 viewers per stream. It is estimated that more than 260 million views have been received so far.

Makes a lot of money from its regular stream by paying customers, grants, bits, and advertising revenue. He has been able to gain around 30,000 subscribers. From there he is estimated to be around $ 75,000 ($ 1 million) per month.

Who is Timthetatman?

TimTheTatman is a well-known YouTuber, gamer, and streamer on Twitch. As of 2022 TimTheTatman’s Net worth is $ 10 million. He currently has over 5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Timthetatman has a huge following as a YouTube streamer and an internet personality. Its streams are games and an entertainer. He earns about $ 3.50 per customer, from Twitch alone.

Since 2022, he has become very popular. So has its annual net worth and growth. The content of Timthetatman is originally known as Fortnite. Mostly the various gaming themes in the popular Battle Royale games.

Early Life

Timthetatman was born on April 8, 1990, in Syracuse, New York. It would not be wrong to say Timthetatman is a brand. However, his real name is Timothy John Better.

In 2022, he was 31 years old. The 31-year-old Twitch Streamer grew up as the only child in New York. He spent his childhood in Newark.

From a young age, he loved to operate a computer. Since he belongs to a middle-class family. So he could not fulfill his hobby of computers from his father. He was later able to save money from his pocket money to buy a computer.

Timthetatman was a Mehdi student. ” He is a graduate of North Park University. He forced her to graduate from Chico. Later he turned his passion into a successful career.

TimTheTatman Career

In 2012, he started his gaming career by his streaming on Twitch. Later in 2013, he became an entrepreneur on YouTube and he started uploading game montages and updates.

In 2013, he used to do Behula streaming. So it has gained a huge fan base through regular streaming. Which helped him to gain editing knowledge and to grow as a successful gamer.

However, after she graduated in 2011, she started working as a social worker. Later in 2012, he started streaming. As of 2022 Timthetatman Net Worth is $ 10 million.

Since then, he has become a popular streamer in 2016. He has been broadcasting games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Fortnight, and World of Warcraft. Which has attracted a lot of people.

By 2019, Twitch has gained more than 7 million followers and 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube. He is also enjoying the phantom in addition to his subscribers.

Tim Hall is currently one of the most popular streamers and he is watched by more than 30,000 people at a time.

TimTheTatman’s career is a testament to the power of passion and perseverance in the gaming and live streaming industry. He began his journey as a Twitch streamer in 2012, sharing his gameplay and experiences with the world. Initially focusing on games like Call of Duty, TimTheTatman quickly gained recognition for his humorous and engaging personality.

As his streaming career flourished, he expanded his content to include various popular titles such as Fortnite, Overwatch, and World of Warcraft. TimTheTatman’s streams became known for their entertaining and interactive nature, drawing in a devoted fanbase known as the “Tatmanarmy.”

One of the key factors behind his success is his genuine connection with his viewers. TimTheTatman’s positive and authentic approach resonated with audiences, making them feel like valued members of his community.

Over the years, he collaborated with fellow streamers and gamers, further elevating his status in the gaming world. TimTheTatman participated in gaming events and tournaments, showcasing his skills and passion for gaming.

Beyond Twitch, TimTheTatman extended his presence to other social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, where he engaged with his fans and shared updates about his life and career.

TimTheTatman Personal Life

Timthetatman was born on April 8, 1990, in Syracuse, New York. His real name is Timothy John Better. In 2016, he married Alexis. In 2019, the couple gave birth to a son. Whose name is Brewe. He is currently 31 years old. He has not yet said much about his parents and his family. However, if you publish any interesting information later, we will provide it.

TimTheTatman’s personal life was relatively limited as he tends to keep his private matters out of the public eye. However, here are some aspects of his personal life that were known at that time:

Family: TimTheTatman is known to have a wife named Alexis, whom he often mentions and includes in his social media posts. They have a son together named Brewer.

Interests: Apart from his passion for gaming and streaming, TimTheTatman has expressed interest in sports, particularly golf. He has occasionally shared his experiences and love for golf on his social media platforms.

Personality: Known for his outgoing and comedic personality on stream, TimTheTatman is often described as warm, friendly, and approachable. He has a reputation for being positive and supportive of his viewers and fans.

Privacy: While TimTheTatman is active on social media, he prefers to keep certain aspects of his personal life private. This includes limited information about his family life and other personal matters.

It is essential to respect his privacy and boundaries, as not all aspects of a public figure’s life are meant to be shared with the world. For the most recent and detailed information about TimTheTatman’s personal life, it’s best to refer to his official social media accounts or any public statements he may have made.

What is Timthetatman’s Setup?

But many want to know what is Timthetatman’s Setup. Here is Timthetatman’s set up for you to know:

Monitor LG 27GL850
Keyboard Razer Huntsman Elite
Mouse Razer Deathadder V2
Headset Audio Technica ATH-M50X
Chair Herman Miller Mirra
Gaming PC Custom build

Highlights Some Fact About Timthetatman

Here are some of the best highlights of Timthetatman’s career:

  • 4.26 Million Subscribers on YouTube (December 2021)
  • Best of Timthetatman 2019!  (YouTube Video, 2020)
  • Total followers 18 million.
  • He is one of the best Dhoni streamers.


Timothy Tateman is a well-known Twitch streamer and YouTuber. In 2016, he is famous for streaming Fortune games. He has also worked with other famous Twitch streamers in his career. Among them are Ninja, Cortez, and Drupalo.

As of 2023 Timthetatman Net Worth is $12 million. Come on he will be more successful and make money in future days.


In conclusion, TimTheTatman’s journey from a passionate gamer to a Twitch superstar is a testament to his unwavering dedication and infectious personality. With a massive following, he has established himself as a prominent figure in the gaming and streaming world. His positive and authentic approach has endeared him to millions of fans, while his comedic flair keeps audiences engaged and entertained. TimTheTatman’s impact on the gaming community is profound, and his continued success serves as an inspiration to aspiring content creators worldwide. As he continues to thrive in the dynamic landscape of online entertainment, his legacy as a beloved and influential personality is sure to endure for years to come.

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