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Samsung Net Worth 2021 | Samsung’s Informative Information

Samsung Net Worth 2021
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Samsung Net Worth: Samsung is one of the largest companies in the world. Samsung is one of the largest companies in the world, not just in Asia. Samsung’s net worth is  $500 million.

However, Samsung is actually a very large company. Many of us are unaware of all the other information including the net worth of the Samsung company. But Samsung net worth, history, assets, revenue, liabilities, net income, total employees, and many more details can be checked from this page.

Samsung Electronics

Samsung Net Worth 2021

Samsung is one of the largest companies in the world, not just in Asia. Samsung’s total value is about $ 500. Samsung was established in 1938 with 40 employees. Samsung stands for three stars.

Samsung ranks 8th in the global brand value, a multinational company known for its automotive, chemical, financial services, information technology, and mostly its consumer electronics products.

Samsung did not start out as a technology company but as a trading company and most of the trading noodles were made by this company.

How Samsung’s journey began?

Samsung Net Worth 2021
Samsung Net Worth 2021

Samsung’s business was first established in 1969 as part of the Samsung Group The Samsung company originated as a trading and textile company.

Lee Kun-hee, son of the company owner, suffered a heart attack. His son, Lee Ja-young, who is vice president, took over the next management of the company. Since J-Young has no brothers, he is expected to replace his father as Chairman.

The business was established by Lee Weng-shul as a small transaction between 30-40 labor. Many of you know Samsung as an electronics company, but Samsung also works from construction to making weapons. Samsung began manufacturing electronic products in the 1960s.

The event became a global organization in the 1990s after the founding of the Samsung business, and they started their new Constantian branch in Samsung. Samsung has started the construction of two Petronas towers in Malaysia The organization has acquired Inkkunwan University.

Samsung Net Worth 2021?

Samsung Net Worth 2021
Samsung Net Worth 2021

As of August 2021, the estimated total value of Samsung is more than $ 275 billion. They make more than $ 200 billion and have assets worth over $ 320 billion Samsung net worth of $ 22.4.

As I said before, Samsung’s total assets amount to about 500 billion bills. Samsung has said it has a turnover of about two hundred and fifty billion dollars. According to the document, Samsung is one of the ten largest business entities in the world.

Its revenue in 2020 reaches 93 293 billion. However, Samsung is a participant in the world’s largest oil and gas projects. We already mentioned that Samsung is the largest smartphone maker in the world.

If you want to know more about Samsung Net Worth 2021 with comprehensive details.


From the early 1930s onwards, I did not develop a sharp tendency. You use the electronics industry, partly mobile phones. The market share is 17.8%.

How much money does Samsung earn per month?

Samsung Net Worth 2021
Samsung Net Worth 2021

You can’t even imagine how much Samsung’s monthly income can be. Since Samsung Group deals in multiple businesses including hospitality, medical equipment, and telecommunications, the company derives revenue from many sources.

A total of $ 100 million is spent annually for their medical sector. The organization was founded in 1994. They also have the largest censorship center in the world located at Eol.

Samsung’s annual income

Samsung Group has the largest sales volume considering its business covers almost all major segments of the market. The company posted an operating profit of $10. 9.97 billion.

The company had an annual turnover of $55 55.56 billion in the second quarter of 2021. This is the highest amount recorded in the last three years The company’s Samsung semiconductor electronics sector alone brought the company’s total revenue.

Samsung’s last 18 years of annual income

Year Samsung Net Worth
2005 $7.18 Billion
2006 $7.45 Billion
2007 $6.97 Billion
2008 $5.2 Billion
2009 $9.07 Billion
2010 $14.85 Billion
2011 $12.56 Billion
2012 $22.42 Billion
2013 $28.64 Billion
2014 $21.99 Billion
2015 $17.92 Billion
2016 $21.37 Billion
2017 $39.66 Billion
2018 $39.68 Billion
2019 $18.42 Billion
2020 $22.37 Billion

Business of Samsung Company

  • Technology
  • Electronics
  • Semiconductor
  • Mobile and accessories
  • Cameras and accessories
  • Tablets
  • Home appliances
  • Refrigerator
  • Wind control device
  • Cleaners
  • TV
  • Consumer electronics

Some products of the Samsung brand

We know that the Samsung brand is a good company name. All the products of the company are made with very high-quality equipment. We can see that electronics products are very durable.

Below are some links to some of the essential products of the Samsung brand. From now on, if you like any product, you can order it by clicking on that link.


We already understand how good a company Samsung is. Seeing the way the company is releasing new products in the market day by day, I think it will improve further. And we hope that they will continue to work to create products that suit our tastes.

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