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Ricegum Net Worth 2022: Bio, Wiki, Age, Height, Weight

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Ricegum Net Worth: Ricegam is an American YouTuber of Vietnamese descent. In 2022 Ricegum Net Worth $ 4 million. Ricegam’s YouTube channel has over 1 billion views.

His real name is Brian Lay. He is also a video blogger. He started on YouTube when he was just 16 years old. His YouTube channel has over 10 million subscribers. Has streamed gameplay for its viewers.

Who Is Ricegum?

Ricegum Net Worth 2022 $4 million
Full Name Bryan Quang Le
Birth Date 19 November 1996
Age 25 Years
Birth Place Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Height 1.75 meters
Weight 70 Kg
Profession American YouTube personality and rapper
Last Update 2022

Ricegam is a US youtuber. He is of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. Ricegam’s good name is Bryan Quang Le. However, Ricegam is better known for its YouTube channel.

Its main YouTube channel Ricegam has more than 10 million subscribers. This is his only YouTube channel. It also has a second channel called RicegamExtra. This channel has over 1.5 million subscribers.

He is an American YouTube personality and rapper. In 2022 Ricegum Net Worth $ 4 million. Ricegam is known for its online rivalry with other YouTube personalities

How Much Ricegum Net Worth?Ricegum Net Worth

You all probably know Ricegum. But no one knows for sure how much Ricegum net worth. For your information, he started as a gamer on YouTube. At present Ricegum net worth is $ 4 million.

He became famous in 2016. He started on YouTube when he was just 16 years old. At that time, his YouTube channel had more than 1 million subscribers. Which enabled him to earn an estimated $ 57,000 a year.

However, it is surprising but true that in 2016, the number of subscribers to his YouTube channel stood at 9 million. However, it is estimated that Ricegam is estimated at $ 100,000 to $ 200,000 per month.

Early LifeRicegum Net Worth

Although American in Ricegam, he is of American descent. Her parents are both from Vietnam. Ricegam was born on November 19, 1996, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her parents moved to Los Angeles from Vietnam before she was born.

However, his mother is Chinese. Her parents made her a first-generation American. He spent his school life at Sierra Vista High School. Later in 2014, he got his bachelor’s degree.

After high school, he took admitted to the University of Nevada. But he stayed the same semester before dropping out. He has one brother and one sister. His two brothers and sisters are both younger than Raisgam.

CareerRicegum Net Worth

Ricegam started its journey on YouTube from a young age. In 2012, he started his first YouTube channel. At first, he had a large number of subscribers and followers. However, in one year, the number of subscribers to his channel is more than 1 million.

In just one year 2013, the number of its subscribers has increased to 9 million. He started a partnership with Machinemina on his YouTube channel. He also used to upload commentary videos of a video games.

He started doing comedy in 2015. He used to inform the kids about the musical.ly app. While making a “dis-track” for Jacob Sartorius, he suddenly rose to internet stardom.

Personal LifeRicegum Net Worth

He has one brother and one sister. They are both smaller than ricegum. You know, he recorded a lot of videos with his mom. However, he did not make any videos with his sister.

Some people think he is gay. However, for your information, he has denied this in his videos. He said he did not have a girlfriend.

The current age of this young celebrity is 25 years. He is 1.75 meters tall and weighs 70 kg. The 3rd dimension of his YouTube career is music.


Brian Ley is not just a YouTube star and actor. He is also a rapper. His career journey is not very long. However, he has some achievements on social sites among his followers. His achievements are listed below:

Social Site Name Follower
Instagram 4,000,000+
Google 2,000+ followers
Twitter 2,000,000+ followers
Facebook 245,000+ fans
Youtube 8,000,000+ subscribers


Ricegam has 10.6 million subscribers on YouTube in 2022. It has over one billion views on the YouTube platform. As of 2022,  Ricegam Net Worth is $4 million The total value will be higher in the future when we come.

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