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Polo G Net Worth 2021

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Polo G Net Worth: Polo G is an American rapper and songwriter who has been working in this field for three years. Polo G Net Worth is available here, along with other useful information. If you want to know more about this rapper, read this article from beginning to end and take in every detail.

If you have a question on your mind about the American rapper Polo g that “what is polo g net worth 2021?”  then here you will find all of your desired answers.

However, this guy is really tuff person and also he was struggling a lot to build his carrier. But at this moment he has achieved his goal with the glory of life. Nowadays, he has gained millions of fans and followers throughout his carrier.

Polo G Net Worth 2021

Polo G’s Net Worth: $3 Million(2021)
Name: Taurus Tremani Bartlett
Popular name: Polo G
Born: January 6, 1999
Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois
Profession: Rapper and Songwriter
Age: 22
Nationality: American

Who is Polo G?

Polo G is a rapper and songwriter from the United States. Taurus Tremani Bartlett is his true name. He is well-known as Polo G. His song “Pop Out” is his most well-known. Known as “Mr. Capalot” or “Polo Capalot”. With the album ‘OFFICIAL POLO.G SOUND CLOUD’ he made his ‘SoundCloud’ debut.

‘ODA’ was Polo G’s first song to be recorded. In an interview with ‘rollingout.com,’. After he began publishing music on ‘YouTube,’ he began to attract recognition.

Early Life

“Polo G” was born in Chicago, Illinois, on January 6, 1999. His birth name is Taurus Tremani Bartlett. Stacia Mac is his mother’s name, while his father’s name is unknown. His parents reared him, his elder and younger brothers, and his younger sister in the Old Town neighborhood of northern Chicago. He attended Chicago’s Innovations High School for his high school studies.

Polo G lost numerous family members and friends when he was young. At a young age, he was arrested five times for being involved with drugs, car theft, and a high-speed car chase.

According to the ‘Chicago Police Department,’ he was detained on October 25, 2017. He was detained for having between 10 and 30 grams of cannabis, as well as criminal trespassing. He was detained for the second time on 3942 W Roosevelt Road on December 14, 2017. The next day, he was freed on a $1,500 bail.

Polo G finds refuge in music while dealing with personal issues. He finally pursued his passion for music and became a celebrity.


POLO G carrier

Before knowing about polo g net worth you should know about his career. He began releasing tracks on ‘You tube’ in 2017. Polo G’s first song to be recorded was ‘ODA.’ According to a recent interview with ‘rollingout.com’. On May 23, 2018, his official YouTube account was launched.

His first hit single, ‘Gang With Me,’ was released in 2018. His following song, ‘Finer Things’ was written while he was in prison, and it has helped him gain a lot of fame. He posted this video track to his ‘You tube’ account, where it has received over 148 million views.

After that, he got a deal with ‘Columbia Records,’ and the song ‘Pop Out’ was released through them. Lil Tjay, an American rapper, and composer were featured in this song. This song reached number 22 on the  ‘US Billboard Hot 100’ list. This song has been viewed over 269 million times on YouTube.

He’s another big song, ‘Battle Cry’ has 65 million views on YouTube. His YouTube channel now has more than 4.53 million subscribers and 2.16 billion views. He is famous on other platforms such as ‘Instagram’ and ‘Twitter.’ His Instagram handle, ‘polo. capalot,’ has over 9.2 million followers.

‘Die a Legend,’ his debut studio album, was released on June 7, 2019. Polo G and Cardi B were the opening performers for the WGCI’s ‘Big Jam’ in Chicago.

In July 2020, Polo G was featured on the song “Hate the Other Side” from Juice World’s untimely album Legends Never Die. On the Billboard Hot 100, the song peaked at number ten.

His track “Rapstar,” which was published on April 9, 2021, debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. ‘Hall of Fame’ is his third studio album. On June 11, he published ‘Hall of Fame,’ which debuted at number one on the  US Billboard 200.

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Achievements of “Polo G”

Achievements of Polo G

  • He was selected ‘Favorite Rap & Hip-Hop Albums’ in 2019 for his album ‘The Goat.’
  • For his album ‘Die a Legend,’ he was awarded ‘Favorite Rap & Hip-Hop Albums’ in 2020.
  • In the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2021, Polo G  was recognized in the music category.
  • His song ‘Rapstar’ debuted at number one on the US Billboard 100.
  •  His other song”Hate the Other Side” from Juice World’s untimely album Legends Never Die peaked at number 10 on the US Billboard 100.
  • His track ‘Pop Out’ (featuring Lil Tjay) peaked at 11 on the US Billboard hot 100.
  • His track ‘Epidemic’ peaked at 47 on the US Billboard hot 100.

Family and Personal Life

Polo G and Crystal Please are dating. Polo G has addressed Crystal in a couple of his Instagram and Twitter postings, where she is referred to as “Mrs. Calpalot.”They have a son named Tremani Bartlett.

Polo G’s net worth is estimated to be about $3 million in 2021. The music industry has provided him with virtually all of his riches. His lifetime net worth is estimated to be over $7 million.

Favorite quotes of Polo G

I have to be responsible for my character, my image, and my reputation. He’s gonna be old enough to see what I’m doing and he’s looking up to me. I have to be the best man that I can be for him.” – Polo G 

“Good music you don’t gotta know the words, the words know you.”–Polo G

“The same day I was supposed to go to college, I ended up hitting the studio and then poppin’ out on the block after that. So, I   decided you have to take off as a rapper if you aren’t gonna carry your ass to school.” – Polo G


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