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Jeffree Star Net Worth | Last Update 2022

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022
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Jeffree Star is an American actor, fashion designer, and singer. In November 2014, Star Jeffrey founded Star Cosmetics Company. Jeffree Star net worth is $ 200 million. 

Jeffree Starr is currently one of the highest-paid YouTube stars in the world. He also owns a cosmetics company called Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Most of his income comes from now on.

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022 $200 Million
Born 1985, 15 November
Age 35 Years
Place American
Income Source Internet Celebrity and Entrepreneur
Last Update  2022
Official Web Site www.jeffreestarcosmetics.com


Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022

Jeffree Starr is an American star and fashion designer. According to 2022, its net worth is 200 million dollars. Jeffrey Starr is an American makeup artist, musician, entrepreneur, and celebrity on YouTube. Besides, he is the founder of a cosmetics company.

In his 15-year career, Jeffrey Starr has gone from an early social media star to a cosmetics founder. Most of her income comes from her cosmetics company. Here’s a closer look at Jeffrey Starr’s Net Worth and the way he spends his money.

Earlier LifeJeffree Star Net Worth 2022

Jeffree Starr was born on November 15, 1985, in Orange County, California. Her father committed suicide when she was 7 years old. He later spent his childhood with his mother. His mother was a model.

Jeffree has been interested in modeling since childhood. She also had a model. Jeffree Starr regularly experimented with her mother’s makeup from an early age. He later became popular on MySpace which was the first big success of his career.

Jeffrey Starr moved to Los Angeles after finishing high school. The funny thing is that he used to enjoy the weekends a little differently. She used to join Hollywood clubs on holidays in disguise as a professional make-up artist. Gradually she has also worked on other celebrities and weddings.


After music, she focused on her fashion designer career. That was the beginning of his career in MySpace. Over time, Jeffrey Starr became very popular on the social media platform MySpace. She has followed her huge social media system to promote her fashion design, modeling, and music talent.

Star built a fan base in MySpace. Which gave him a lot of love all over the world. By 2006, he had become the most connected profile person on MySpace. MySpace later became one of the most popular independent artists on the platform.

Music CareerJeffree Star Net Worth 2022

His musical career began when his friend Samantha Maloney encouraged him to make music. She first appeared in 2007 as part of a True Color tour that toured 15 cities in the United States.

Her friend Samantha Maloney challenged her to become a full-time musician. On the advice of his friend, he was nominated for music. In 2009, Jeffrey Starr released his debut and only debut studio album, Beauty Killer. Which reached No. 7 on the US Billboard Top Electronic Albums chart. Which was a lot of surprises for him.

The following year, he signed with Akon for the second time. He later released the next Lady Gaga. Later in 2013, he did not do music anymore. In the same year, he left the music industry.

Jeffree Star on YoutubeJeffree Star Net Worth 2022

There is a youtube channel named Jeffree Star. He created the YouTube channel in 2006. Where it owns 16.1 million subscribers. Where she uploaded her own songs, makeup, and vlogs.

Currently, Jeffrey Star Cosmetics has become a global makeup brand. His success on YouTube is increasing. By 2018, it has gained more than 9 Million subscribers and over 1 billion views. Which was most viewed at the time.

Jeffree Star Net Worth 2022

Jeffree Star net worth is $ 200 million by 2022. Jeffree Starr claims that his total annual income is 100 million. In an October 2019 YouTube video, Jeffrey claims that if they sell eye shadow they will earn $ 35 million, $ 10 million will go to Shane.

Made a music video for the 2009 song “Beauty Killer.” The singer uploaded the platform in 2010. According to Cosmopolitan, that video alone has grossed over $ 24,000 for Starr.

Cosmetics Empire earns 100m + per year
Makes 15 – 20 million per year
The lion’s share of income comes from Jeffrey Star Cosmetics
2019 14.6 million was paid for a Hidden Hills mansion in December 2019
Owns a 70-acre Wyoming farm

According to Celebrity Net worth, Jeffrey has made a lot of money investing in fancy real estate. Which includes $ 14.6 million worth of homes. Which he purchased in December 2019. It can be said that the number of Jeffree Star net worth will increase with time.


Jeffree Star is taking the glam world at the speed of a bullet. It is not surprising that Jeffree Starr has a fortune. Jeffrey Star net worth $ 200 million as of 2022.

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